Oven Fried Bacon

Truth be told, I tweet about almost everything.  And more often than not, I get some pretty helpful feedback from the Twitterverse.  Today is a good example of that.  In a tweet, I mused:

Wondering if I can cut the romaine lettuce or fry up the bacon bits today for tomorrow’s furikake chop salad? Or will it wilt/get soggy?

People offered their opinions and advice about prepping lettuce and bacon ahead of time, but a tweet by @kyubikitsy, creator and illustrator of the awesome webcomic, nemu*nemu caught my eye.  Her reply:

@champuru I suggest frying up the bacon in the oven for even crisping and easy clean up

Frying bacon in the oven?  Was that even possible?  Why, yes, it is!  Here’s how:

Get a pound of your favorite brand of bacon.  Then:

1)  Cover a cookie sheet with heavy-duty aluminum foil.  You’ll want to use the type of cookie sheet that has a lip on all four sides or else you’ll have a mess of bacon grease to clean up.  Lay the strips of bacon on the ungreased foil.  (This method makes for easy clean-up, but your bacon will be sitting in bacon grease until you drain.)


2) Use a broiler pan. (Using a broiler pan will drain the oil as it’s cooking. In either case, you can reserve the bacon drippings for use in other recipes.)

Preheat your oven to 400°.  Place your sheets/pans in the middle rack of your oven and bake for 10-12 minutes.   Be sure to keep an eye on the bacon in the last few of minutes of cooking time as it can easily overcook in under a minute.

Tip from Simply Daily Recipes:

Cook the bacon on the soft side of being fully cooked. Store cooled bacon in a freezer bag and throw in freezer for future meals. Reheat 2 slices of bacon in microwave on MED HIGH heat for 30 seconds or until warm. Cook longer when reheating more slices. You know how your microwave cooks, so adjust time as needed. Do not reheat with high power, it burns the bacon. Remember that the bacon is already fully cooked, you just want to warm it up, not cook it again.

This method of cooking bacon is great because clean-up is a cinch and you can prepare an entire pound (or more) of bacon and freeze it for later use.  Mmmm… bacon!

This recipe was originally posted on my (now private) blog, in November 2009.

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