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Humble beginnings in homeschooling

As of December 3, 2012, we have started homeschooling.

Lil’ K, our 4-year-old daughter, has been in preschool since August 2011 when she entered as a not-quite-3-year-old. We have loved the preschool experience. Lil’ K enjoyed herself, made friends, acquired classroom and social skills, learned her alphabet and numbers, and got a firm foundation in our faith through the study of Bible stories, scripture memorization, and songs. The staff and students became like family. I relished the 4 hours of quiet in the mornings when I could clean the house, prep dinner, run errands, and get client work done.

But yet, there was the nagging question: were we called to homeschool our daughter?

From before she was born, we talked about homeschooling but societal pressures and expectations pushed us toward preschool enrollment. It just seemed like the proper thing to do. And we have absolutely no regrets for doing it. In fact, our departure from our preschool family was bittersweet. In fact, when we met with the preschool director to inform her of our decision, the both of us became more than a little emotional.

What I was worried about was that I would regret not having attempted homeschooling.

We know that Lil’ K will be our only child. We waited 15 years for her birth and I endured 2 years of IVF treatments, riding an emotional and physical rollercoaster, for the miracle of this little girl. I quit a good job with awesome co-workers in order to be her full-time mommy. I want to do this right and I cherish our time together.

Will we homeschool her until graduation? Only God knows. These next 5 months will be a test bed for whether she can learn from me and whether I can do her justice as her teacher. Then, we will take it from there.

I hope to blog our homeschooling adventures. What we are doing, even the mundane stuff. Veteran homeschooling parents, feel free to chime in and give me tips on how to improve. Along the way, I hope to give you some inspiration for crafts, activities, and recipes for at-home learning adventures of your own.

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  • Michelle

    Best of luck with your homeschooling adventure! We are exploring homeschooling for many of the same reasons, particularly having only one child and wanting to do the best for her.Our final decision will be made in the spring 🙂 Meanwhile, I will be eagerly following your adventures with Lil K!

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