Dear Diary

Under the watchful eye of my Creative Director

I have been doing more photography lately — mostly assisting and post-processing, but sometimes I do get behind the lens. It seems that November and early December tend to be a busy time for photographers because people want to get their family portraits taken for Christmas cards. This picture was taken of me and my 4-year-old daughter at my most recent photo session. Lil’ K doesn’t accompany me on all shoots, but this particular one was for friends so I felt it was okay for her to tag along. She has definite opinions on nearly everything and didn’t hesitate to voice them about locations and poses. So much so, we started calling her my “Creative Director.”

This is a great capture. I love the way she is leaning in with her arm around my neck and peeking over my shoulder.

As we embark on our homeschooling adventure (begun December 1, 2012), experiences like these will be part of her education.

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