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Kanealole Trail, Makiki Heights


Today, we ventured out to Makiki Heights to the Hawaii Nature Center where several trail heads are located. On this hike, we opted to tackle the 0.7 mile Kanealole Trail, which is one leg of the longer Makiki Valley Loop Trail.


At the beginning of the loop trail, you can choose to go to the left (Kanealole) or to the right (Maunalaha). While the Maunalaha Trail is not especially treacherous, it is noted to have a fairly steep and rocky path, so we opted for the easier Kanealole Trail which gave us a more gradual incline. The terrain was rocky in areas and there were lots of roots, so watch your step!


There were beautiful scenes along the way. The sound of the running water of the stream at the trailhead was divine.

Trees provided a glorious amount of shade for most of the hike, but because of the lush greenery, it also felt quite humid. And don’t forget your bug spray!

In attendance on this hike was myself and my husband, our 4-year-old daughter, and my 78-year-old father. We didn’t hike all the way to the end of the trail, as the incline was getting pretty challenging for my father, so we turned around — but our 4-year-old could have made it all the way to the end with energy to spare!

Our stats according to EveryTrail app:

Hiked: 1.4 miles
Average Speed: 1.3 mph
Elevation: Up 998 feet / Down 875 feet
Duration: 1 h 4′ 57″

For more information about the Makiki loop trails, visit DailyVenture.com.

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