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Beach House Memories

We were on alert as an impending tropical storm approached the islands. By all accounts, it looked as though it was intent on ruining our plans for a 3-day stay at a friend’s beach house. The storm was forecasted to hit O’ahu on Tuesday, the day we were to arrive and the weatherman seemed confident that we would see hints of the sun around Thursday — the day of our departure.

Our host was carefully following the weather reports and assured us that all would be fine and that we should go on as planned.

Image from Dept. of the Army website warning residents of the impending storm (source)

And, thank God we did.

The storm picked up speed and hit parts of the island on Monday night, a day earlier than forecasted. It was almost a non-event at our house — which, don’t get me wrong, I am most thankful for. As for weather-related drama, I would much prefer to steer clear of.

The weather on the beach was gorgeous.


And we made new friends, reconnected with old ones, and created some wonderful memories that we will all cherish for a lifetime.

We did things that we don’t normally get to do. Things like hunting sand crabs and finding one as big as your hand! Making s’mores over a cracking camp fire. Wrestling matches and wagon rides. Building castles in the sand. Letting the kids stay up way past their bedtime, just enjoying each other’s company. Going to bed with the ebb and flow of the ocean as your lullaby.


So very thankful.

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