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Friendship Garden, Kaneohe, Hawaii

View from the Friendship Garden lookout (Kaneohe, HI)
View from the Friendship Garden lookout (Kaneohe, HI)

Today was my first good day in a some time. Dizziness, vertigo, and a general feeling of malaise had been plaguing me since the beginning of the month. So, we took advantage of my vigor and made it a spontaneous family field trip day! Luckily, Hubby always has a hike or two in his back pocket, and we decided to head out to the Friendship Garden in Kaneohe.

The Friendship Garden is nestled above a hilly residential area, which affords a great view of Kaneohe Bay when you reach the lookout at the top.

According to their website, the Friendship Garden features:

One kilometer (0.6 miles) of non-strenuous hiking trails takes visitors through groves of macadamia, banyan, mahogany, strawberry guava and eucalyptus trees in a well thought-out, but “non-manicured,” natural setting. A tea house, stone lantern, pavilion, lava stone platform steps and the replica of a large ornamental stone basin donated by a Japanese university add to the garden’s natural attractions.

The website describes the hike as “non-strenuous,” but warned that there are certain areas of incline but they are not too steep or treacherous. Our 4-year-old daughter navigated it well enough and had fun as it offered just the right amount of adventure along its “non-manicured” trails.

Friendship Garden

There were different types of foliage/terrain to enjoy along the way.

Friendship Garden

I especially enjoyed the shaded areas of the bamboo forest, but so did the mosquitos — so be sure to bring your bug spray if you are one of those (like me!) who tend to be a bug magnet.

The Friendship Garden is a great family hike! Be aware that parking is very limited. There is enough space for 2 cars in front of the entrance, otherwise, you will need to find parking along the street in the residential area.


  • Liberty Smith

    Hi Donna, we have so many things in common it seems like. Even ringing ear problems. Weird isn’t it? (Mine is not as serious as yours and the root cause may be different)

    I love your blog. I’ve earmarked it (pun not intended he he he) for those moments I need a breather or two and just need to read. I used to keep an active blog myself at now dead Yahoo 360 which I called AlohaMomma. I enjoyed it tremendously and developed lots of friendship all over the world! Motherhood left me with not much time to spare to sit down and write. I commend you for being able to do it up to now. Keep it up.

    I have one somewhere but have not written any lately. YouTube and FB seems to fit my time more these days since writing is much more time consuming for me. Maybe one day again. I am actually developing a website for my ABCTeachKids page, where I plan to blog some, but alas, time is slippery.

    Take care. We should have lunch one day and meet in person.

    aloha, Liberty

  • lance

    I hope you’ve found a solution to your tinnitus + vertigo problem? I, too, get loud crackling sounds in my ear, that gets louder with louder noise. I found a med that keeps it “at bay”, but isn’t a cure. Not sure of “side effects” though.

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