A vegan is not born overnight

go-veganAfter watching documentaries like Forks Over Knives and Vegucated, our family has decided to go (mostly) vegan/vegetarian. The goal is to be completely vegan, but I add the “mostly” and “vegetarian” in there to provide a bit of leeway, because as you know, going from omnivore to vegan overnight is no easy feat.

Our decision is not one of ethics, although it is nice that we will be doing something good for the planet via our food choices, but going vegan is more of a matter of health. After all, Hubby and I aren’t spring chickens any more… and my father is 80! We would also like to set up Lil’ K for a lifelong foundation for health through healthy eating and exercise.

Our decision to go vegan was not made today, or even this month. It has been months in the works and we tried it for a bit and fell off the bandwagon for lack of variety. My small repertoire of recipes that qualified as vegan/vegetarian was small, so we tired of it quickly. My problem is that many vegan/vegetarian recipes sound so daunting with long ingredient lists, many of which can only be found at health stores. And truthfully, many of the recipes didn’t even sound appetizing to me. Our family typically eats “local” or Asian food (Japanese, Korean, Okinawan, Chinese, Vietnamese), so I decided that if our new way of eating was to have any sticking power, I would need to find dishes that would satisfy our Asian palate.

I did some searching today and stumbled across some great recipes online. I have been collecting them on Pinterest on these boards:

I also hope to document our foray into veganism and the recipes that I try and how well our family enjoyed it.


  • Barbara Long

    Love your blog, Donna – well-made.
    Love the fact that you are transitioning! Me, too! Let me know if you need any fresh herbs, got plenty to share! Barb

    • Donna

      Thank you, Barbara! You are an inspiration to me as well – and thank you for the generous offer of fresh herbs! 🙂

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