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homeschoolIt’s still summer, which means I am in preparation mode for the upcoming school year. Although we are actively doing reviews throughout the summer, we plan to  officially start our school year on August 15.  As I am planning, I thought I would share our tentative schedule for this school year. You will notice that there are no times associated with these subjects, as study of English may take only 20 minutes while Math may require 45. Our schedule is flexible.

We have chosen to follow the classical method of education. My daughter is 7 years old, so we are in the grammar phase, where there is a lot of focus on memorization of facts to learn the “vocabulary” of history, math, English grammar, science, geography, and Latin. This is done through songs, chanting rhymes, and review games. There is also a focus on public speaking, as children prepare a presentation to their class each week on Community Day.

Our family is part of a Classical Conversations (CC) community that meets on Wednesday mornings from 9 am – 12 pm. On Community Day, tutors lead the classes in memory work, review games, science experiments, and art/music. After lunch, we will do a math lesson and call it a day.

The beauty of homeschooling is the ability to work at your child’s pace and hone in on their interests. For example, the extracurriculars we have chosen (foreign languages, ukulele, cooking, and sewing) are because our daughter expressed an interest in these subjects. One of her goals is to visit Japan and be able to converse with the Japanese people there. With ASL, she enjoyed participating in a Creative Sign Dance group at church and wants to pursue more opportunities to minister to the hearing-impaired through Creative Sign and ASL. She enjoys watching cooking competitions on Food Network and wants to learn how to cook, so we’ll have weekly culinary lessons. She wants to sew clothes for her dolls, so we’ll work on developing sewing skills.

Here’s what our tentative plan looks like:

Although this may look like a heavy schedule, it is not meant that all subjects will be covered every day of the week. There is a lot of grace in homeschooling and lots of field trips to enjoy!

Right now, this is our tentative plan. When we start our school year, we will make adjustments. I’ll post an update as we get into the swing of things.

If you want a very detailed look at another CC homeschooling family’s schedule with children at various ages, hop over to Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood. Brandy also offers free downloads of great resources, planners, and tons of guidance for homeschoolers who are participating in Classical Conversations.

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