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Learning and Teaching ASL

I am very interested in learning — and teaching Lil’ K — American Sign Language (ASL). As one who suffers from Ménière’s Disease, it is a real possibility that my hearing could be affected by this condition. And even if I am blessed to avoid deafness or significant hearing loss, becoming fluent in ASL could very well result in ministry opportunities or a future occupation. Besides that, I think expressing oneself with ASL to music is extremely cool. Sharing some of my favorite videos.





I think Lil’ K would love an assignment like translating a favorite song into ASL, then having herself filmed. (She totally wants to be a YouTuber. Even though I was a vlogger in the early days, I have mixed feelings about that!)

This is one of the many reasons why homeschooling is so cool. I can learn alongside my daughter and the experience will be able to enrich our whole family! So many possibilities!

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