The Compassion Experience

Last night, we had the opportunity to attend the Compassion Experience interactive exhibit as it stopped in our neighborhood for the weekend. It is a 2,000 sq. ft. exhibit that allows visitors to get a glimpse into the lives of children living in poverty in developing countries. The exhibit is accompanied by an audio tour, which truly brings the experience alive and left me choked up more than once.

We were presented with two options: Kiwi, a little girl from the Philippines or Jonathan, a boy from the Dominican Republic. We opted to visit Kiwi’s exhibit last night. We hope to visit Jonathan’s tour on Monday before the Compassion Experience leaves our area.

The Compassion Experience is sponsored by child-sponsorship organization, Compassion International, and gives you an opportunity to sponsor a child at the end of the tour. You are not obligated to sponsor a child to attend this free event and there was never any pressure to do so. The workers were all very helpful and pleasant.

It gave all of us a greater appreciation for all we have and a deeper sense of empathy for those living in poverty around the world.

We sponsored a 3 year old girl named Zyreel from the Philippines last night. We pray that our $38 per month and our correspondence will be an encouragement to her and that it will improve her life like it did for Kiwi.

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