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2 miles, 30 minutes

Daily walks outdoors can be therapeutic for mind, body, and spirit

Like many others, I have succumbed to the “Quarantine 15” during this pandemic. Lacking the hectic schedule and perhaps doing more than my share of comfort eating have started tipping the scale in the wrong direction. I got a wake-up call when I went to the doctor and weighed in just one pound less than my full-term pregnancy weight! What the heck?!

I had been resistant to the idea of buying a treadmill for years, citing the lack of space and aesthetics as reasons. However, Hubby recently convinced me to buy one since it doesn’t appear that Covid-19 is going anywhere anytime soon and treadmills are great for ensuring that you get a workout no matter the weather outside. But now that I agreed, I can’t find one anywhere! Again, what the heck?!

So, I decided to start going walking around the neighborhood. My goal is to walk at least 2 miles for 30 minutes each day. I hope to steadily increase that over time. It is also my hope that this will improve my stamina while hiking.

My 11-year-old daughter has been joining me on these afternoon walks. Now that she’s a tweenager, she is spending more time in her room pursuing her own interests (which currently is creative writing and digital art). Our walks are a time when we can reconnect and catch up.

What are you doing to stay active during the Coronavirus madness?

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