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Hurricane Douglas

Hurricane Douglas, Category 1 storm on a dangerous trajectory to Hawaii

Hawaii had been watching Hurricane Douglas approach our state all week. On Sunday morning, it was looking pretty ominous and the track appeared to indicate that we might suffer a direct hit.

Hawaii has been quite lucky, not having experienced a major hurricane since Category 4 Hurricane Iniki in 1992 which brought 140 mph winds and damaged many parts of Kauai. Many people have felt like we’re “due” for a big one, so when Douglas started threatening, we started making preparations.

Being avid campers can be a benefit for storm preparation. Hubby got our camp stove, lanterns, and water containers out of storage and staged them for duty.

Meanwhile, I cooked a full pot of rice, did some baking, and had a batch of Chicken Long Rice in the Instant Pot. I had made a grocery run earlier in the week and we were stocked with essential canned goods and instant saimin.

The news played in the background all day as we waited for updates. Toward the afternoon, it sounded like the storm decided to head north away from the islands. By 5:00 pm, residents were starting to breathe a collective sigh of relief. We had dodged another bullet.

Amazingly, there was very little rain, not much more than a drizzle and overcast skies. A beautiful purple sunset emerged at the end of the day.

Counting our blessings tonight. That was a little close for comfort.

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