I started my journey toward parenthood in January 2006, which included a laparoscopy, 2 D&C’s, a major surgery to remove both fallopian tubes, and months of in vitro fertilization treatments. Hubby and I had been married for 12 years by this time. On January 4, 2008, four frozen embryos were transferred and on January 14 and 16, it was confirmed by HCG blood tests that I was pregnant. My due date was set at September 24, 2008, but baby did not make her appearance until October 4, 2008 when labor was induced.  Lil’ K was born a healthy 6 lbs. 5.6 oz. and was 20″ long.

My degree is in Information Technology and I resigned from my job at the Postal Service to become a work-at-home mom (WAHM) on February 27, 2009, having gone on maternity leave and never looked back.

Lil’ K is an inquisitive, sociable, and determined child. She is an old soul, mature — although she does have those moments that remind me that she is only 7! She enjoys watching real estate and renovation shows on HGTV, cooking competitions on Food Network, and survival shows on Discovery Channel. Her favorite reading materials are DK Smithsonian books on animals, astronomy, and geology. She enjoys judo, hiking, camping, drawing, reading, and writing stories.

Her educational journey started when she was two months from 3 years old. We enrolled her in a half-day preschool up the street from our home. Part way through her second year of preschool, we decided to pull her out simply because I felt that we needed to explore homeschooling and wanted to give it a go before she hit kindergarten.

We homeschooled the remaining year of preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. In November 2015, Lil’ K started expressing a serious interest in attending school. We had attended a Halloween party with our playgroup friends, all of whom are schooled at various public and private institutions, and as they recounted their experiences, it piqued Lil’ K’s interest. Her desire to try school was so strong, that we inquired with the private Christian school at the church she attended AWANA and they happened to have ONE opening in her grade level. Because she is late born, they would not allow her to enter as a second grader. We made it clear to her that if she were to be enrolled in school, she would be repeating first grade. She agreed. We decided to leave the process in God’s hands. First of all, she had to pass the entrance exam. Then, came the family interview. Passing both of those, she was granted entrance into the school. She adapted well and made the Principal’s List with straight A’s for all three quarters that she was there.

Having experienced both homeschool and a traditional classroom setting, Lil’ K was able to articulate her preferences for both. We discussed it as a family and decided that we would return to homeschooling starting fall 2016. She is excited to get back to homeschooling to work at her own pace and to tackle the memory work in Classical Conversations.

In addition to being a homeschool mom, I am also a Realtor-Associate, helping clients, friends, and family find their dream home and assisting them through the real estate buying and/or selling process.

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new — for all of us!  I hope to share our journey through homeschooling, parenthood, and life in Hawaii. Enjoy and aloha!

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